Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal

Employers’ association that account for 500 companies from the entire Portuguese textile and clothing sector


The Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal (Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal – ATP) is an employers’ association that account for 500 companies from the entire Portuguese textile and clothing sector. Altogether, these companies are responsible for more than 35,000 jobs, and a turnover of €3 billion; two thirds of this value represents exports.


“ATP” was the result of a merger between APIM (the Portuguese Knitting and Clothes Manufacturing Industries Association) and APT (the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association), which took place in July 2003. ATP has become not only the biggest organization representing the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Sector, but also one of the most important in Europe. This proves the importance the Textile and Clothing Industry still has in the Portuguese economy, providing around 11% of the GVA and 20% of the employment in the manufacturing industry, €5 billion of exports, 10% of the national total exports.

Recently, ATP has merged again, this time with ANET (the National Textile Companies Association, formerly the Textile Wholesalers Association), pursuing therefore its strategy of concentration and strengthening of the textile sector.  The Association now represents all commercial and industrial activities of the textile and clothing business.


The ATP is an association that seeks the following objectives:

*Unites textile, clothing and fashion companies, empowering their claims and giving high visibility to their legitimate interests;

*Defends companies, company owners and their expectations, fostering the necessary conditions for an environment that values competitiveness and development;

*Lobbies the political and administrative powers to put an end to the existing constraints and obstacles to companies’ development and activity;

*Provides useful and customized services, by giving information, advice and helping decision-making;

*Secures the future, assuming the role of a constantly changing Association that follows up and stimulates the dynamics of a both traditional and modern activity.

Board of Directors

President:  Paulo Teixeira de Melo (Somelos Mix – Fios Têxteis, SA)
Vice Presidents:  Mário Jorge Machado (Estamparia Têxtil Adalberto Pinto da Silva, SA);
João Costa (Fitexar – Fibras Têxteis, SA)
Member: Pedro Alves Pereira (Alves Pereira Tapeçarias, SA)
Member: Fernanda Valente (Fernando Valente & Cª., SA)
Member: Nuno Sousa (Flor da Moda – Confecções, SA)
Member: José Armindo Ferraz (Inarbel – Indústria de Malhas & Confecções, SA)
Member: Alexandra Araújo Pinho (LMA – Leandro Manuel Araújo, Lda.)
Member: Manuel Pinheiro (Tinamar – Tinturaria Têxtil, Lda)
Member: Isabel Gonçalves Furtado (TMG Tecidos para Vestuário e Decoração, SA)
Member: Christian Bothmann (Tovartex – Indústria Têxtil, Lda.)
Member: Andreas Falley (Ribera – Rendas e Bordados, SA)
Member: Jorge Pereira (Lipaco – Linhas para Confecções, Lda.)