Suzanne Rae

Inspired by and made for the progressive modern woman.


With feminism and sustainability as the pillars of her fashion brand, New York-based Suzanne Rae has always applied a careful consciousness wile designing apparel and accessories for the ‘gentlewoman.’


“We consciously make clothes for the wearer’s own enhanced experience and not for the gaze of others. The aesthetic is one of quiet self-confidence” explains Suzanne Rae on E-Bay. With diaphanous skirts, minimalist dresses and block heels, Suzanne Rae’s pieces are timeless with a modern vibe that is in sync with female-driven socio-political movements.

Interestingly, Fashion was not her first choice of career. She was preparing for admissions in a medical college and working in a New York-based art gallery when she perceived that she wanted to explore fashion design as a vehicle to explore and express her interests in art, feminism and socio-economic movements. So it’s not surprising that her collections are steeped in feminist ideology and encourage freedom of expression. Her newest collection was positively critiqued by Vogue, “Rae’s inclusive casting broke the stereotypical model mold in an effort to show that her clothes are made for everyone—not just every woman… Rae’s bigger-picture goal was to de-contextualize the relationship between fashion and class, putting her downtown twist on upper-crust staples like cardigans, crest blazers, evening gowns, knit polos, and Bermuda shorts. Her visions came in outsize proportions or were made with conscious materials like recycled polyester… Like her peers in New York’s group of emerging talents, it all comes down to owning your look.”

As a large portion of fabric used by the brand is developed and manufactured in Italy. “By doing so, not only are we decreasing our carbon footprint but we are also contributing to the preservation of the long history of Italian craftsmanship and tailoring. Highly skilled craftsmen and women, working with care and pride, have become an endangered species, and we hope to help preserve their skills that would otherwise be lost,” she explains on her website.

Rae upholds a strong commitment to sustainability and slow fashion. For instance, most collections are produced in New York City’s Garment District. Making garments locally creates jobs that assists the community’s economy, allows the brand to establish a personal relationship with workers and ensures that a code of conduct is upheld. Rae is also passionate about social causes and supports women’s groups such as Women In Need; Girls Inc, a non-profit that focuses on instilling confidence in girls across the U.S; and environmental organisations like Endangered Species Coalition. “When I started my line, I thought that if I were going to put out more product into this already over-saturated, over-stocked consumer society, I should do whatever I can to make my product not only meaningful, but also environmentally friendly,” Rae told ID. “So I try to source sustainable materials and produce socially responsibly.”

Vision and Mission Statement

With social awareness and sustainability as a part of our foundation, we always apply a careful consciousness wile creating clothing for the gentlewoman.

Products and Services

Apparel and accessories that uphold a strong commitment to sustainability and slow fashion.