“Beauty lies within; when we bring it to light, we make the world brighter.


Shiseido engages in the production and sale of cosmetics. Few know that a family business that started out as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy transformed into a global beauty giant that currently operates in approximately 120 countries and regions around the world. It’s not fabulous products and services; Shiseido is a purpose-driven beauty brand that took into consideration Japan’s culture and heritage and created new value.


The history of Shiseido is not just a story of fabulous products and services; Shiseido is a purpose-driven beauty brand that took into consideration Japan’s culture and heritage and then created new value. In 1872, former head pharmacist to Imperial Japanese Navy, Arinobu Fukuharam, established Shiseido Pharmacy with his colleagues. It was Japan’s first private Western pharmacy in Ginza- Tokyo. The boys’ motivation came from displeasure with the medicine available on the market. In fact the name “Shiseido” derives from a Chinese expression: “praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings significant values”, embodying its resolve to create new value that will benefit people.

The first milestone was in 1888 — Fukuhara Sanitary Toothpaste. Till then Japan only used tooth powder which damaged teeth due to its rough grains so the launch of this toothpaste led to high volume sales despite the steep price. Another milestone was when Shiseido stepped into the cosmetics industry as a separate business in 1897 and used scientific methods to develop cosmetics just as it had done with pharmaceuticals. The first product was Eudermine skin lotion which came in a beautiful glass bottle.. with continual improvisation of its cold cream the following year.

Ginza burned during Kanto Earthquake 1923- and combined with the great depression in the Thirties- there was a decline in sales. To firefight Shiseido partnered with stores to form Shiseido Cosmetics Chain Store System to assure consumers they could purchase its products at the same price at any store. In 1932 Shiseido luxury cosmetics- De Luxe- was born with the slogan: “the feeling of purity, the scent of elegance”. Following the outbreak of World War II De Luxe was considered an extravagance and production halted.

However, Shiseido stocks were listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1949. Along with Japan’s economic growth the company revitalised the pre-war chain-store system and membership club and then re-launched De-Luxe in 1951. It also expanded its research and development facilities and opened the largest Shiseido beauty salon in the East. In 1957 Shiseido took its products overseas.. beginning with Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. In 1962 the company expanded to Hawaii; and in three years, established Shiseido Cosmetics America. European penetration began with Italy in 1968, followed by New Zealand in 1971 and later, a wholly owned subsidiary in India.

In 2000 Shiseido introduced “The Skincare” which continues to lead its arsenal with its anti-ageing, protective and restorative products. Continuing to diversify.. its corporate ideals stated that the company was in the business of beautifying people’s lifestyles through a life science-based approach unifying “beauty” and “health’” And as packaging became an important driver of beauty purchases, the conglomerate focused on this aspect with all its products.

In 2009 Shiseido was the first in the cosmetics industry to earn the Environment Ministry’s “Eco First Enterprise”. On December 2015 Shiseido had ninety-seven group companies in its kitty including Gurwitch Products- Clé de Peau Beauté- Benefique- bareMinerals- and Nars and fragrance brands Elie Saab- Issey Miyake- Narciso Rodriguez and Serge Lutens. Carita and Decléor were sold to L’Oréal for an estimated €227.5M. Next- the cosmetics conglomerate inked a licensing deal with Dolce and Gabbana to manufacture and distribute its fragrance, make-up and skin care.

In January 2017 Shiseido acquired digital tech company MatchCo.. data driven company Giaran Inc.. and Olivo Laboratories. To secure relevance in a competitive beauty market Shiseido began utilising the reach of the Internet to connect with a broader spectrum of people, earn back relevance and generate sales. In 2021 Vogue Business reported, …”the e-commerce transition to a global platform has resulted in 5x revenue growth over the past five years, with China, in particular, witnessing thirty per cent growth year-over-year over the last three years. Overall gross merchandise volume has increased by forty per cent per cent in the last year.”

To further bolster its market share with younger consumers, the conglomerate acquired skincare brand Drunk Elephant for reported $845 million. A message from Shiseido COO and President reiterate the brand’s aggressive expansion and innovation policies. “Shiseido has a long history of investing not only in its people and brands but also in innovations that truly resonate with consumers. This year will be an exciting and prosperous one, marking a shift to an even more proactive stance in the global market. It’s my aim to continue working with colleagues around the world to further our success as a Skin Beauty Company.”

Mission Statement

To help people worldwide keep their minds and bodies healthy and to live beautiful, positive lives.


Shiseido was formed with the vision to empower people worldwide with healthy skin and to present the best version of themselves with the brand’s skincare- haircare- cosmetics and fragrance. 150 years later, the luxury beauty brand envisions transcending borders and boundaries to venture beyond the cosmetics business in order to create unique products, delivering new values and actively contributing to the happiness of their customers across the globe.

Key Team

Masahiko Uotani (President and CEO)
Kentaro Fujiwara (President and COO)

Products and Services

Shiseido retails skin care including Moisturisers and Creams..Cleanser and Makeup Remover.. Eye and Lip Care.. Masks- Serums and Treatments; fragrance; make-up; and hair care.

Awards and Recognition

In 2009, Shiseido was the first in the cosmetics industry to earn the Environment Ministry’s “Eco First Enterprise”