Maker’s Row

Maker's Row is an online marketplace launched in 2012


Maker’s Row is an online marketplace launched in 2012, connecting American manufacturers with small and medium-sized businesses. Maker’s Row claims to have the most accessible list of American manufacturers available online.

The company has provided over 80,000 businesses with chances to explore and interact with domestic manufacturers.


Maker’s Row was co-founded by Matthew Burnett, Tanya Menendez and Scott Weiner.

Burnett, an industrial designer, previously owned and operated a watch line and a fashion line of leather goods. In early 2011, Burnett partnered with Tanya Menendez, then a Goldman Sachs analyst, to manage sales and operations at the fashion line. While working on the fashion line, Menendez came up with the idea to create a resource that would bring factories in the United States online in one place to make American factories more accessible. In May 2012, the Burnett and Menendez applied to The Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp where they would meet Scott Weiner, who was chosen to be the founding technical lead for the group.

On July 19, 2013 Maker’s Row announced 1 million in seed funding.

How it works

Learn: They give you the resources to successfully start the manufacturing process

Connect: Review in-depth factory profiles and find the perfect manufacturing partner

Produce: Get your production started with over 10K factories on Maker’s Row


Maker’s Row Pros

Maker’s Row Pros is a service that offers individual guidance in manufacturing and other areas. The members that have joined the “Maker Community” are able to communicate one-on-one with professionals through the service.

One can get an ESSENTIALS package – which includes “All the features you need to build your next idea”, for $35 per month, a CONCIERGE package, which includes “All the Features you need + Personalized guidance” for $99 per month, and a TEAM package, which includes “All of the features for multi-user teams” for $99 per month + $ 15 a seat per month.


“I was looking for an obscure type of elastic from a US producer, but had no luck. Then I searched Maker’s Row and I was ordering samples 5 minutes later. Amazing!” – Marina Barnes

“One of the hardest parts about running a small brand is sourcing, and Maker’s Row has already been an awesome resource. I finally found the exact type of manufacturer I’ve been looking for.” – Jeff Sheldon