Jockey India

The next best thing to being naked!


Leading innerwear brand jockey International recognizes the need for comfort and has a keen eye for style. Jockey India was established in the year 1994 as a joint venture between Page Industries Limited and Jockey International.


Jockey- originally named ST Cooper and Sons- was founded by Samuel T. Cooper in St. Joseph, Michigan in 1876 as a hosiery business. In 1900, he began making men’s innerwear to provide men with comfort and support. Sadly, in 1934 the company was almost bankrupt due to the Great Depression and recruited Harry H. Wolf Sr., to restructure business.

In 1934, inspired by a photograph of a man in a bikini-style swimwear, Copper launched Jockey Briefs, that would one day revolutionise the innerwear industry. Designed by apparel engineer Arthur Kneibler, the briefs had leg sections and a Y-shaped overlapping fly. It was named Jockey as it offered a degree of support that had previously only been available from the jockstrap. Jockey briefs went on to be so popular that over thirty thousand pairs were sold within three months.

Cooper- having renamed the company Jockey- inked a deal in 1948 to make the brand the official underwear of the British Olympics. 1962 was a milestone year. Jockey designed innerwear for the first manned mission to the moon, Apollo 11. Designed to remain unaffected by gravity, the innerwear was worn by astronauts Neil Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in 1969, when they landed on the moon.

In 1970, the brand was renamed jockey international, In 1982, the company introduced Jockey For Her womens innerwear. In 2005, direct-selling division was introduced. Jockey International Chairman and CEO Debra S. Waller founded Jockey Person to Person to provide women with the opportunity to enjoy a rich family life while making their dreams come true. In August 2020, country musician Luke Bryan joined Jockey International as Brand Ambassador. Today, the leading innerwear brand not only recognizes the need for comfort but also has a keen eye for fashion.

Jockey India was established in the year 1994 as a joint venture between Page Industries Limited and Jockey International. Since then, it has been providing premium inner-wear and outfits to Indians. From its initial days, the company has achieved great heights, becoming one of the leading undergarment manufacturers in India.


Jockey India’s vision is to be the leading brand in the undergarment clothing industry in India. It aims to provide quality products at competitive prices and ensure customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

Jockey India’s mission is to provide customers with the most comfortable and stylish outfits that can be worn throughout the day, ensuring utmost convenience and satisfaction.

Products and Services

Inner-wear. The 145+-year-old company makes men’s, women’s, and children’s underwear and loungewear. Its products are sold in major department and specialty stores. Jockey licenses and distributes its apparel in more than 120 countries and holds several licensing agreements.

Key Team

Sunder Genomal M. Tech (Founder and Non-Executive Chairman)
V. S. Ganesh Sr. (CEO and MD)
K. Chandrasekar (Chief Financial Officer)

Recognition and Awards

In recognition of Jockey India’s services to the Indian apparel industry, it has received several awards, including Best Brand Award , Best Manufacturer Award and Best Supplier Award .