Diverge by Diana Perfilieva

Dive into the Metaverse fashion journey!


Metaverse fashion ecosystem, Diverge, was created by LA-based Diana Perfilieva who has over ten years experience in fashion.


Diana Perfilieva began her career in fashion in 2013 as Marketing Business Lead of Omelya. A feather in her cap was Ukraine-based T-Dress where she directed business and marketing strategies and served as a CEO. Following its unprecedented success, she created her own metaverse fashion eco-system Diverge that designs quality fashion for the virtual space.

Described on the official website as ‘a Next-Gen Metaverse fashion company, exploring the way of expressing a digital identity, through high-end digital collectibles, that have utilities across Web3 eco-system and beyond,’ including unlocking attractive benefits including 3d files of the items; exclusive access to ‘Underwater edition’ Drop; access to Diverge Immersive Closet in the DOM Metaverse; special role in Discord; and access to private community channels in Discord.

Written about as one of the most prolific women on web3 and the metaverse, with this metaverse fashion company Diana Perfilieva envisions building an ecosystem of fashion talents, digital artists, gamers, collectors and NFT lovers across fashion, virtual and gaming. And, allowing them to research, co-create, develop a new creative and unique vision of fashion in virtual realities. The metaverse fashion ecosystem helps users in building heir digital identity and dressing-up their avatars; strives to reduce environmental waste and to accelerate more ecological business solutions when compared with traditional fashion; builds a strong community, where established fashion talents, creatives-at-large and digital innovators get together to share ideas, inspirations and co-create; creates value through collaborations with physical brands by implementing innovative practices to engage with both communities in a new, more fun and interactive way. With this vision, it is driven to deliver the best digital fashion to the Metaverse.

Interestingly, the team that runs Diverge has a strong fashion background and passion for Web 3, and aims to bring their many years of experience in the fashion industry to the Metaverse astride their advisors from gaming, digital art, blockchain and tech industries. Their experience includes building popular fashion brands from scratch, working with luxury fashion houses, major fashion media companies and A list celebrities and together they endeavour to push digital fashion forward. the future seems bright as the company is backed by key angel investors.


‘Our vision is to merge realities across fashion, virtual and gaming. With the purpose of building an ecosystem of fashion talents, digital artists, gamers, collectors and NFT lovers. Allowing them to research, co-create, develop a new creative and unique vision of fashion in virtual realities.’


‘Our mission is to inspire Web3 communities to start a digital fashion journey and dive into experimenting with digital identity We strive to bring the aesthetic of high fashion into the virtual space while contributing to the mass adoption of digital fashion.’


High-end fashion wearables and for virtual spaces


Dina Perfilieva, Founder and CEO; Olga Yanul, Fashion Curator; Asya Sumak, Community Manager


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