China Fashion Association

A governing body that oversees domestic fashion and International relations


China Fashion Association is a governing body that oversees the country’s domestic fashion industry and International relations


Founded in 1993, China fashion Association is registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. with its headquarter in Beijing. The association has both individual and group members including fashion designers, fashion brands, fashion media and model agencies. There are eight committees in the association including Expert Committee, Art Committee, Academic Committee, Models Committee, Fashion Media Committee, Technical Committee, Display Committee and Brand Committee. CFA was honoured “4A Social Organization” by Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2010.


China Fashion Association envisions supporting fashion designers, fashion brands, fashion models and fashion media.


The China Fashion Association works to raise the international profile of the Chinese fashion industry and has entered into several international exchange activities such as the SINO-Italian Fashion Summit and Asian Fashion Federation Services.


The main activities of China Fashion Association include hosting China Fashion Week, first held in 1997 as a professional platform for fashion designers to showcase their latest collections and brought International attention to Chinese designers Cabbeen and NE Tiger. Today, Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week is held twice a year in sync with international fashion calendars and the autumn winter ’21 season focused on traditional Chinese heritage and craftsmanship were highlighted by labels such as Chuyan, Heaven Gaia and Grace Chen. The association’s second activity is to promote the development of the Chinese fashion industry, and with that in mind, introduced fashion designers and professional models through contests. Thirdly, China Fashion Association Training Center organises part-time courses for pattern making, draping and shop display, design and marketing management. Lastly, China Fashion Association has established strong bilateral relationships with fashion organizations in France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea and Singapore and has also jointly founded Asian Fashion Federation with Japan Fashion Association and Korea Fashion Association.