A vertical accelerator of fashion tech startups


Atelier is the first Spanish vertical accelerator of fashion tech startups. As an initiative by ISEM Fashion Institute, Atelier operates on the belief that the Spanish fashion industry goes hand in hand with innovative companies whose technology transform their value chain by making them more profitable, sustainable, and better oriented to the client.

Accelerator Program

With the objective to link solutions of technology startups to the necessities of businesses in the fashion industry, they are looking for startups that have an innovative approach and use disruptive technology. They can already have a product oriented to fashion companies or technology that makes sense for these types of companies when adequately adapted.

To do so, they offer help in the shape of two training sessions with experts, and besides, Atelier by ISEM will also offer the support and experience of ISEM Fashion Business School, the only business school specialised in the fashion sector. Despite that, their accelerator program includes 7 months with personalized mentoring and a product test to test out their product / service with Spanish leading companies inside the Fashion Industry.  These include companies such as Aristocrazy, Bóboli, Camper, El Corte Inglés, El Ganso, Mango, Mayoral, and Tendam.

Key People

David Luquin – Head of Atelier by ISEM

Carmen Azpurgua – Deputy Director of ISEM Fashion Business School

Rocío Álvarez – Collaborator of Atelier by ISEM

Pilar Latorre – Collaborator of Atelier by ISEM

Rafael Martín Aguado – Collaborator of Atelier by ISEM

Mariana San Juan Morgan – Collaborator of Atelier by ISEM