Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta is an Indian fashion designer


Ashish Gupta is an Indian fashion designer. Ashish has been called as the rising star of London’s fashion scene. He has been named one of the top new generation creators by the British Fashion week. He designs in London, has workshops in India, where he gets complex hand embroidery done, and sells in London and Toronto.



Ashish Gupta is an Indian fashion designer, who lives in London, designing under the label ‘Ashish’. He was born in Delhi and then went on to study Fine Art in India before moving to Middlesex to complete a BA in Fashion Design. After finishing his MA at Central Saint Martins in 2000, Gupta moved to Paris with the intention of finding work in a design studio in the French capital. Unfortunately, his entire portfolio of work was stolen. Gupta then began slowly making clothes for friends until being found by Yeda Yun of Browns Focus, who bought his first garment in 2001. With his mix of Western and Eastern influences, Gupta’s designs blend sportswear, high-octane glamour and craftsmanship. Gupta has created outfits for several high profile celebrities, including M.I.A, Madonna, Jerry Hall, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Osborne, Lily Allen and Patrick Wolf.

Since his first show at London Fashion Week in 2004, Gupta has received the New Generation Award three times. Gupta lately worked with Topshop to design an ‘Ashish for Topshop’ clothes range. His main collection is stocked in Selfridges and Browns Focus and can also be found in Italy, USA, Russia, Dubai and Kuwait.

Signature style

In his own words: “When I started using sequins on clothes they were regarded as cheap embellishment, but I always thought they were an art form. Working with sequins is quite technical, involving a totally different way of working with the fabric. People always ask me why I’m still doing sequins but they are no less valid than a brand whose signature is trench coats or digital prints”.

“I love lamps and pools of light. I fantasize about neon lights on buildings going on and off. Last year we turned Browns Focus boutique on South Molton Street into a sex shop because I thought it would be funny to shock such a posh little street. I kept one of the light-up signs”.