ANDAM Fashion Awards

Tthe ANDAM Fashion Award isis dedicated to supporting young designers and reinforcing Paris influence, as the world fashion capital


The ANDAM Fashion Award was launched in 1989. It is meant to helping out fashion brands to the next level with financing, guidance and industry contacts. This is a significant award for young designers.

The ANDAM competition used to be devoted to Europeans residing in France, but in 2005 it opened up to international candidates as well.


“Not only ANDAM is a prize and four grants… but it is also a solidarity movement which contributes to the dynamism and sustainability of creative industries exposed to profound and structural changes. Today’s world is changing faster than Fashion. Since 1989 and our first reward to Martin Margiela, our Association has always supported progress by selecting the most creative designers from all countries and walks of life. Because we are convinced that the pulse of society is felt through its artists, we work every year, with the support of our public and private sponsors, on supporting the renewal of an audacious, brilliant and humanist fashion. Our mission is essential and we need to strengthen our efforts to help our talents always be more audible and visible so that the great contribution they make to our time could be fairly valued and recognized.” – Guillaume Houzé, President, ANDAM


The grand prize winner will receive a large prize of € 250,000 and a chance to have a mentorship for one season under Francesca Bellettini, CEO of Saint Laurent. In addition, Swarovski will produce € 10,000 worth of crystals for the winning designer to use for their upcoming collection. What is more, MAC Cosmetics will provide products and help support the winner and Maison des Savoirs-Faire et de la Création will aid in rendering invaluable connections to promote the production of the designers’ collection.

The fashion accessories prize winner receives € 50,000 and will have an opportunity to be mentored for a year under ANDAM.

The fashion innovation prize will go to a designer or innovator who provides solutions to the most urgent problems the fashion industry faces. The winner gets € 30,000, a mentorship under Clarisse Reille, general manager of DÉFI, access and support from the ANDAM Fashion Technology network and additional funding from French banks.

Awards Winners

Award Winners in the past includes:

Wanda Nylon (2016),

Stéphane Ashpool of Pigalle (2015),

Iris Van Herpen (2014),

Christine Phung (2013)

Ami Alexandre Mattuissi (2013).

The 2019 edition

“This year’s selection of ANDAM finalists was particularly diverse and interesting, not uninformed by a single market trend or too business-driven. And it was very international and culturally rich. I am looking forward to meeting the chosen finalists and to listening to their vision. No matter who the final winner will be, just being in this selection is a great chance of exposure and exchange for them,”- Renzo Rosso.