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Do you want to hire Java programmers for your business? It’s a great idea! Some of the biggest companies in the world use Java, including LinkedIn, Facebook, the IRS, UPS, and others. Java is known for its stability and scalability, which is why some companies start off using different programming languages and then switch over to Java at a later stage. This was the case with companies like Twitter, who needed to switch to Java when the site started receiving larger volumes of traffic. 

Java is one of the top three most desirable programming languages in the world, and every business, from the supply chain and entertainment to education and government sites, requires Java developers.

But if you are still on the fence, let’s look at some of the top reasons to hire a Java developer for your business. 

Why You Should Hire Java Programmers

Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies hire Java software engineers to build dynamic and strong sites that can support their growth and nurture their apps and systems. Java is one of the oldest programming languages in the world, which means it evolved and adapted considerably over time. 

Java is one of the simplest, most agile, and best-performing programming languages in the world. It’s reliable and robust, which means it won’t let you down. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to hire a Java programmer – quickly.

1. The Run Anywhere promise

When you hire Java coders, they’ll tell you about the “write once, run anywhere” guarantee. Java is an object-orientated, open-source programming language, so you can write the code once and run it on different operating systems or devices. Java is platform-neutral, so you can reuse the coding language for cross-platform software development. Java is dynamic and flexible, which is what you need from a software solution.

2. Java is easy to learn

Java was designed to be easy to use and learn, so it’s also easy to write, compile and debug. This lower learning curve means that it’s easier to find developers and train them, so you won’t need to deal with the skills shortage that many companies have to face. There are more than 175,000 Java developers in the US alone and tens of thousands in Eastern Europe and Asia. Java is far less complex than languages like C and C++ because many of the complex features of these languages have been removed from Java (e.g., explicit pointers concept and storage classes).

3. Java is more secure

We’ve already mentioned that Java is an object-oriented language that enhances flexibility and reusability, which means you can reuse objects in other programs. But this has another benefit: security. The data and functions can be bound into a single unit, so it can’t be accessed by the outside world. You can also organize bigger modules into smaller ones which makes it easier to understand. 

Java reduces security threats and risks because it avoids the use of explicit pointers. Pointers that store the memory address of another value can lead to unauthorized access to memory. There is also a security manager in Java for each application that allows you to define access rules for each class.

4. Java is economical

Java is cheap and economical to maintain and develop as they are dependent on a specific hardware infrastructure to run. It can easily run on any machine, which also reduces maintenance costs. 

5. Java supports portability and simplicity

Java is a human-readable language, similar to human language. It has a simple and easy-to-maintain syntax that is similar to C++ language. Java is a portable language because of its platform independence feature. It can run on any platform, be taken to any platform, and be executed on any platform.

6. Java provides automatic memory management

Java’s Automatic Garbage Collection is a memory management system in Java managed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Wherever objects are not used by programs anymore and do not refer to anything, they do not need to be dereferenced or removed through explicit programming. Instead, this will be done automatically through the Garbage collection process.

7. Java supports Multithreading

Java is a multithreaded language; more than one thread can run at the same time. A thread is the smallest unit of a process, so multithreading helps you gain the optimized utilization of a CPU. Multiple threads share a common memory area and increase the efficiency and performance of an application. They run independently of each other without affecting each other. 

8. Reliability 

When you hire a Java coder, you are assured security. You can carefully scan the code for bugs and errors before carefully scanning the code for bugs and errors before deployment. This ensures that the software is running in a secure environment, safeguarding the entire system. 

If you work in a regulated environment, like the financial services or healthcare industry, Java is a great choice.

9. Java’s always evolving 

Java has been around since the 1990s. It’s adaptive and versatile, with a great track record. As more programmers master it and more companies come to rely on it, Java will continue to evolve. There’s also a large community of developers that have formed around the language over time, encouraging constant development and progress. 

10. Knowing Java makes it easier to master other languages

Several other languages have evolved from Java, including PHP and JavaScript. Developers who know Java can easily master the other languages that evolved from Java. This means that your team will remain flexible and adaptable over time. 


Now you know the many reasons to choose Java for your business – what are you waiting for? Java is secure, flexible, reliable, and trusted. It comes with functionality that makes it easier to write code quickly and reuse it as needed. You can rely on Java for its security as well. 

There are plenty of Java developers out there, which contributes to its evolution and support. It also makes it easier for companies to find and hire Java programmers to work on their projects.