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Student life at Bob Jones University is quite challenging and rewarding because of the strict religious rules reflected in a student’s handbook. 

Rules of Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University’s Unique Student Handbook

Unlike traditional educational institutions, Bob Jones University rules are controversial for the XXI century students. Some educators regard them as truly Christian, while others consider them to be a part of a fascistic ideology or even a religious cult. They say it is impossible to ask someone for help to “write my essay” there because of those strict rules. So, what shocks most students who enter this university?

Bob Jones University Policy History

Regarding the history of the University policies, it refused to accept afro-american students until 1975. The founders believed that races must not be mixed. In other words, they worshiped the Holy Scripture and thought it was for racial segregation.

However, it was only the beginning of the segregationist history. Afterward, black skin students could enter a college only by being married and financially stable. Otherwise, such learners could meet someone on campus and get married which was not unacceptable. No wonder homosexual students are not admitted at all because they literally must be stoned, as the Bible says.

Many things have changed since 1975, but even now students complain of racism, fascism, supremacism, and a huge number of restrictions that are presented in the university handbook.   

Student Life and Restrictions

Campus life restrictions include so many points that it’s hard to memorize them all from the first time. So, it’s better to give more details concerning restrictions and their origin.

The evolution of the Bob Jones University handbook

The handbook supports the idea that all living beings were created by God. Eventually, religious university regulations are against all the other theories, including the evolution theory taught in many other universities. Bob Jones educators regard all evolution theories as untrustable, unsupportable, and fallible.

This handbook includes Bob Jones University rules that have only slightly changed since the very first edition. However, all rules meet the following religious principles:

  • • no uncontrolled media
  • • no gadgets that use the Internet without university filters
  • • 24/7 monitoring of a student’s life
  • • numerous racial prohibitions
  • • dress code
  • • limited entertainment
  • • supervision of couples, friendships, and other relations between students

Reprimand system and disciplinary action

There are too many restrictions and student handbook rules that are hard to keep in mind. However, students are forced to memorize them because the university gives reprimands, rebukes, and probations to those who violate Bob Jones University rules. Rebellious students are disdained. Some of them feel desperate, suicidal, and depressed and decide to leave the university.

Bob Jones University in the public eye

Authoritarian educational practices set by the evangelist family let the university become a leader among various religious institutions. Educators teach students through the prism of religious postulates. So, it is considered to be decent and prominent, especially among white-skinned Christians.

Codes of Academic and Social Behavior

Aiming to become a leader, Bob Jones has written a list of restrictions and university policies to stand out among several different religious universities. For a better understanding, let’s systematize them.

Dress code and appearance

All students must be dressed properly. Girls should wear denim jackets, skirts, and dresses that must touch their kneecaps. The dress code for men is business casual. Recently, women were allowed to wear pants but not too tight. Men mustn’t wear sleeveless shirts when working out in the street. Dressing mustn’t be provocative, with the underwear or arrogant jewelry or unmatchy piercing being visible.  All in all, clothes for males and females must be neat and modest.

Technology and media censorship

All websites and the used social media platforms are monitored 24/7. They use filters to trace every student’s step on the Internet. Moreover, students are forbidden to listen to “bad” music, like rock, metal, etc. Movies must be “G” rated, and video games must be graded E10.

Gender control

Males and females must not be alone in one classroom or date without a dean’s approval. They must not attend bar-like places, even for lunch. All relationships are controlled.


Students must not visit parties, different concerts, or even sporting events. They mustn’t read forbidden magazines, newspapers, and other literature, both online and printed. Gambling, modified hair, sideburns, unshaved faces, and tattoos are also taboo.

The Impact of Rules on Campus Culture

Academic paternalism helps students follow the Lord’s laws and become decent Christians. Male and female students behave appropriately. Extreme supervision and control replicate the evangelical codes, but such rules are not for everyone. That is why there are many negative comments regarding the cultural impact of University rules and the handbook full of Christian principles that sometimes disrespect human rights.

The Controversy Surrounding Bob Jones University

Demerit system in education caused by religious motives, severe censorship, and paternalism built up lots of controversial viewpoints about the university’s reputation. Some worship its policies and 100% obedience to God’s laws. Others hate its demerits and consider its student handbook rules to be full of unfair restrictions that don’t suit the XXI century and often support fascist and racial ideology. Comments under posts about student behavior monitoring are full of criticism and resentment from ex-students.


What are the most controversial rules at Bob Jones University?

Too many rules are controversial, including racial segregation, 24/7 monitoring of a student’s life, inability to entertain and date without a dean’s permission, interracial relations, eating in pub-like places, visiting sporting events, listening to rock music, and doing other prohibited activities.

How do Bob Jones University’s rules compare to other religious institutions?

Bob Jones University is 100% evangelical, but some rules differ from other religious institutions because of its racial discrimination and absolute denial of all evolution theories.

What is the historical context behind the university’s strict policies?

Bob Jones Sr. founded a college and applied the recommendation of his friend, who said that traditional evolutional theories had to be banned at universities because they are the root of atheism. Moreover, his family supported the ideology of the Ku Klux Klan, except for lynching and lawlessness. He believed that segregation was initiated by God. That’s why he implemented racism along with the Ten Commandments of the Lord.