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How To Use Eyelash Curlers ?

How To Use Eyelash Curlers ?


Lush and cured eyelashes can tune up the makeup routine. Although it might seem very effortless, it is pretty complicated to use. If not done properly, the curling process won’t be up to the mark. Doing it with a mascara brush can leave you with messed up eyes. So use the right eyelash curlers for an amped up appearance. Add the best eyelash curler In India to your makeup kit for instant curling and retention of the curl with false eyelashes as well. On a single look, they might seem complicated but the right method to use them on your lashes can perform wonders with the usual makeup routine. So take a seat and try these steps for the dramatic eyes lined with false lashes, defined with kohl or kajal.

The eyelash curlers are tools to modify the orientation of your eyelashes artificially. They must be maintained for clean and hygienic operations as it gets close to your delicate eye region. You cannot afford to get infected in the eye because of constantly used and rarely cleansed eyelash curlers. Just follow the right order to first curl your lashes, then adorn the eye region with eyeshadows, mascara, kajal or kohl. So curling comes first and later gets followed by your cosmetics for the beauty of your eyes.

As it is with your skin, cleansing action must be repeated on the eye region as well. Wash and clean your eyelashes, that takes care of all the priorly used eye cosmetics, oil and dusty powders on the lashes. You may also use a micellar water formula to cleanse them with a soft cotton ball.

  • Now you can directly apply the eyelash curler. Open your eyes and place the eyelashes in between the clamps of the curler, close the clamps and hold them there for a few seconds. Release and repeat the process if not sufficiently curled. Be comfy while doing it and press the lashes only and spare every bit of skin for painless curling action. Never do it in haste, especially with the electric curler. Take your time with the eyelash curler.
  • Now pop your eyes with eye cosmetics such as eye shadows, eyeliner, kajal and kohl. Confidently adorn the upper and lower water lines for seamless definition.
  • Apply the lash primer to hold the curl of your lashes for maximum amounts of time. Then unlid the mascara brush, pull it out from the depth of the dunked in formula to curl the lashes for extra lush and dark privilege.

Heat based or otherwise operated eyelash curling accessories have sorted their way through the mass of makeup gears. For flawless lash curls that are finished up with a primer is undeniably lush. There is not much procedure and only the basics to consider for your eyes to increase their prominence filled attributes that eliminates the blank, soulless – empty looks. With the best eyelash curler in India you can multiply the volume precisely for the dense texture of lashes. Electric and manually operated eyelash curling devices have propped up in the stores to consider fashionably appealing eyes everyday.