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A Modern Shopping List For Men's Formal Wear 

A Modern Shopping List For Men’s Formal Wear

Many events and occasions call for wearing formal attire among men. However, if you’ve just transferred companies and your new work or business is finally requiring you to suit up, it’s essential to invest in some of the staple formal attire pieces into your wardrobe. After all, formal wear is not only your work dress code but also helps you feel more confident and perceived as professional and highly respectable.   

The first step is to assess your current wardrobe today, and you might realize that your existing closet doesn’t come with versatile dress shirts and pants to get you on with your business meetings and work trips. Hence, it’s time to go on a shopping spree and buy more of your wardrobe’s essentials for formal attire.   

If you need some pointers and tips on what formal wear staples to get, consider this guide:   

  • Dress Shirts  

Many modern men prefer wearing dress shirts for many reasons. In the past, only the wealthy and privileged could afford custom dress shirts, but nowadays, any man can afford to purchase a wide variety of dress shirts. Some men hesitate to add this into their wardrobe because they were previously perceived as expensive. However, the formal clothing industry for men is getting more diverse, and many brands offer good quality at affordable prices. Here you can learn more about some bespoke shirts that won’t break the bank.   

If you want to invest in your fashion and styling, ensure to include a few dress shirts in your wardrobe. You’ll learn that the most common materials used in them are cotton, oxford, twill, and other materials. You can go for the one that’s comfortable for you to wear all day long. Dress shirts come in different colors, patterns, and designs, so you can make your formal attire as versatile as it can be. And the best way to sport your dress shirt is to tuck it into your pants. Make sure to purchase the right length and fit so it will complement your physique.   

  • Dress Shoes  

Black or brown leather lace-ups are a must-have for every working man. It is the right pair of shoes you can wear during work and on formal occasions. At this point, it’s best to prioritize high-quality leather material, considering how often you’ll be wearing it. You can wear this mens heeled dress shoe every day to the office, and it goes well with smart casual clothing as well. Elevator dress shoes can come in different styles like derby, oxford, loafer, brogue, or boat. Check which one is more matched with your personal style and grab a pair of your choice.    

  • Dress Pants  

Another staple formal clothing piece you need to invest in is your dress pants. These are the perfect bottoms for formal to semi-formal situations. Even when your work doesn’t require you to come in a suit and tie, dress pants can still be paired with other semi-formal shirts. Nevertheless, formal and semi-formal outfits for men would not be complete without dress pants. Thus, dress pants can be of several types and come from different fabric materials. Some men love pairing their dress pants with the color of their blazer or jacket. You can go for the same look if you want to appear sleek and neat.   

  • Blazers Or Jackets  

Although the line between a suit jacket and a blazer is becoming more blurred, there is still a traditional difference between the two. Suit jackets are more formal and often paired with dress pants, while blazers can be worn with other relaxed pants and jeans. Any of these two is also a must-have for your formal wardrobe:  

  • Blazer  

Blazers come in styles, but the details that distinguish them from classic jackets are generally the structure, shoulders, and pockets. With the casual nature of the blazer, the tailoring must be entirely unlined to be able to follow the natural curves and movements of the body more easily. Blazers can be bought ready-made or can be tailored custom to your size and fit.    

  • Jacket  

Jackets have deeper roots than blazers and, since their birth, have been worn as part of an ensemble with matching trousers and vests. And this clothing piece offers more sophistication compared to the blazer. It can be designed in many ways depending on the designer or tailor. Many men prefer custom-made suit jackets, especially for formal events.    

A Modern Shopping List For Men's Formal Wear 

A Modern Shopping List For Men’s Formal Wear


Whether you’re forced to change your wardrobe because of work, or you simply want to overhaul your closet and add more formal attire staples, you can follow the guide above. With that, you’ll be able to invest in the right outfit pieces that you can use during work or formal events and occasions. Also, there are many ways to make your bored workwear look more fashionable. The key is to plan and assess what formal look would fit you best and complement your best features.