Almost everyone understands that the tastes, preferences, and specifications of consumers in the fashion industry are unpredictable. So, what can a student pursuing a degree or diploma in this field do to be a renowned designer?

Besides mastering the hands-on skills required by this sector, attaining the necessary academic qualifications is essential for students pursuing a degree or diploma in the fashion industry. To become renowned designers, they should also explore the wealth of knowledge found in fashion design books for students. Platforms like Paperwriter, a reputable college essay writing service, offer valuable insights into sustainable approaches in the apparel industry, the art of haute couture, and historical accounts of artists’ rise to fame.

As students at fashion and art colleges, strongly recommends reading some, if not all, of these top books. By doing so, they can embark on a journey of continuous learning, expanding their expertise, and gaining inspiration from the experiences of industry experts. These resources not only enrich their knowledge but also provide a sense of comfort and confidence in their pursuit of becoming accomplished design professionals.

Best Must-Read Fashion Books for Students


Top 10 Best Fashion Books for Students

1. The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake

While pursuing your fashion degree or diploma in college, what is your ambition after graduating? Ideally, some students might want to venture into entrepreneurship, whereas others aspire to work in renowned and well-established companies. All of these decisions depend on an individual’s preferences and life goals. However, graduates intending to enter self-employment and even start their businesses must understand some of the dynamics in the fashion industry.

One of the simplest ways of becoming conversant with entrepreneurship would be to read The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake. It is one of the best fashion books for students exploring the story of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. The two were best friends. However, their good relationship turned “sour” because of power and fame to the extent of Lagerfeld taking legal action against Drake in 2006.

A student might use this information to anticipate uncertainties and challenges in entrepreneurship.

2. The Fashion System by Roland Barthes

Whereas artists in the fashion and design industry endeavor to positively impact society with aesthetics, appearance, and looks, they expect to get financial rewards. As such, students should consider reading this book because of its contemporary viewpoint of the economy. When reading The Fashion System by Roland Barthes, you will appreciate the use of humorous language. For instance, the author uses various vocabularies to portray women’s clothing.

3. The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar

As one of the books for fashion students without experience or in-depth knowledge, The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar contains sound guidance and inspiration for becoming a pro. The author’s experience of working with prominent professionals in this industry, like Zac Posen, suggests that a reader would gain knowledge on where to start as a freelancer.

4. The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas by Alison Lumbatis

Have you ever handled or read essays, research papers, or business plans about a fashion company or industry? What were the main themes? Ideally, besides children, the probability of fashion firms targeting women as customers succeeding is high. What could be the underlying reason?

Among the list of fashion books for students, The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas by Alison Lumbatis identifies a gap that entrepreneurs can address. In particular, the author suggests offering affordable styles and trends in designing attires for women.

Ideally, this information enables a student to choose a market segment on the basis of customers’ specifications.  

5. Fashion Drawing, Second Edition by Michele Wesen Bryant

When you want to learn about digital design and the presentation of fashion in an exhibition, you can use a systematic procedure highlighted in this book. However, a college student will need software installed on his or her laptop to accomplish such tasks. Considering that some of the learners might not be conversant with the application of digital tools in fashion design, they should deliberate on using professional writing help from an essay service such as CustomWritings. Experts at this essay writing company will provide custom materials that students from the USA and worldwide can use to understand key procedures in the IT and apparel industry. If you find the information in this book insufficient or require someone to explain it further, do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance from the paper writing service.

6. The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

When looking for books to read about fashion, it would be best if you do not forget to include The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior in your list. The author recommends some timeless dressing styles. Dior achieves this objective by incorporating perspectives, including religious ones.

7. Coco Chanel by Megan Hess

Reading about historical events of the fashion industry might offer invaluable insights into succeeding in education or business. You can get this information in Coco Chanel by Megan Hess as she remembers 100 of the artist’s memorable events.

8. The Psychology of Fashion by Carolyn Mair

Considering that mentality influences the demand and taste of fashion, a student opting to excel in this industry after graduating should deliberate on reading The Psychology of Fashion by Carolyn Mair. With the knowledge gained from this book, you can use a specific clothing style or appearance to create an identity.

9. Fashionpedia – The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design by Fashionary

Like any field, fashion uses specific terms and phrases to communicate. As a student, it would be best to consider buying these books for a smooth academic and professional journey.

10. How to Create Your Final Collection by Mark Atkinson

While pursuing your diploma or degree in college, one of the greatest fears you will likely encounter is entering into the world’s reality. With this book at your disposal, you do not have to worry as it contains case studies and steps for conducting marketing research.


Other Books for Fashion Students

The End of Fashion by Teri Agins

Knowing the origin of anything helps a person to prepare for future uncertainties and challenges. When you read this book, you will understand the “whats,” “hows,” and “whys” of the fashion industry.

The Battle of Versailles by Robin Givhan

Every student aspires to know the events that led to the modernization of the fashion industry. Among the list of books for fashion designing students, The Battle of Versailles by Robin Givhan offers insight into how the contest between French and American design contributed to the transformation.

Generally speaking, reading plays a significant role in succeeding in any field. For instance, students pursuing a degree or diploma in fashion and design must understand the terms, history, and individuals’ contributions to the industry. With the advent of the Internet, renting or buying a book on reputable websites such as Amazon and hiring an expert from an essay service to write a review for you is possible.