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Virgin hair bundles in jet black are one of the most versatile hair bundles available today. They can be styled in many stylish ways. Yet, people often need help to use them to their full potential. In this blog, I will share some of the trending hairstyles possible with jet black virgin hair bundles.

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Jet Black Human Hair Bundles:

Is jet black the same color as the hair color known as 1b?

Jet Black vs. 1B vs. 2 Hair Color: How to Choose – Xrs Beauty Hair

This question is one that people get wrong more often than not. Both jet black and 1b are black hair, but they are not the same shade of black. Jet black, with its cooler tones and highlights, is more popular and suitable for a broader range of styles.

1B, however, has brown and more earthy shades layered in. While this makes the 1B appealing for some styles and outfits, it has a much narrower range of possibilities than the jet black.

Creating the ultimate style combination with Jet Black Hair Bundles.

With their cool color highlights, Jet black bundles are a dynamic addition to any ensemble. When paired with jewelry, a cat’s eye necklace will really pop when combined with a cherry red lip stick.

People with fair complexions will love the cooling tones and accents offered by the jet black virgin hair bundles the most. Other complexions will look good, but pale faces will look amazing with these hair bundles.

Renew your virgin hair jet black hair bundles fast!

Always use warm, not hot, or cold water when working with your virgin hair bundles. Use a large sink or clean tub full of lukewarm water. The wefts should be at the top of the water, and the rest of the jet black virgin hair bundle should be fully submerged.

To make your jet black hair bundles last, select a shampoo and conditioner with no sulfate or paraben additives. Apply the shampoo to your hands and only apply it to the jet black virgin hair bundles once a good lather has formed.

Always work from top to bottom. Gently run your fingers through the hair bundles. Never bunch the virgin hair while washing, as this can cause tangles that will damage the hair bundles. Follow with conditioner.

Rinse with clean, warm water. Make sure no suds are left behind!

Try these styles to really rock your jet black virgin hair bundles.

The classic half-up and half-down hairstyle works well with these hair bundles. The volume added by the jet black virgin hair bundles makes this hairstyle pop. In hot weather, when you do not want your hair hanging over your face, making you hotter, this is an excellent hairstyle.

As you begin, you will want to secure the hair up using pins or clips. The hair that you leave down is now ready for either waves or curls. Choose a larger curling iron for more waves and a smaller one for tighter curls.

Remember that only virgin hair bundles can be styled with heated styling tools. A heat protectant spray is recommended. There are a couple made just for wigs. The longer the hair is on the curler, the tighter the curl, regardless of the diameter of the tool.

Trendy ponytail for a touch of class or a playful and youthful look.

From decade to decade, the ponytail has proven itself as a hairstyle that is always in style. Now, with the help of your virgin hair jet black hair bundles, you can wear a ponytail in many different fashions.

To create a ponytail with your hair bundles, use a wig brush or other styling brush that does not pull on the hair as you use it. Always brush top to bottom. If you have any tangles, use some gentle detangling spray as you work them out.

You can use decorative clips or scrunchies to hold your ponytail together for added fun. These will allow you to add a personal flair to the ponytail.

You can add a stunning contrast with the jet black virgin hair bundles by mixing a blond hair bundle into the ponytail. This combination gets looks and takes the basic ponytail up a couple of levels in style.

Jet black virgin hair beachy waves can be made with short or long hair bundles.

While your jet black virgin hair bundles come in many lengths, the shorter ones can often be difficult to use for some hairstyles. The beachy waves look will work with the short or long hair bundles, making this style a favorite.

To create beachy waves, brush or comb with a styling comb to remove all the snags in the hair. Then, fasten the top layers of hair up with clips. Using a crimper or curling iron, begin creating the waves in the lower sections of the hair. Try having the hair on the styling tool for five seconds. This should create a bouncy wave, not a curl.

After the lower sections are bouncy enough, it is time to add a wave to the rest of the hair. Repeat until you have the desired level of bounce. If any curls are too tight, use the styling comb or pick to loosen them.

Crown hairstyles work well with Jet Black Virgin Hair Bundles; the braided crown is a trending favorite.

With your jet black hair bundles in place on your head, it is time to begin creating your braided crown. Make sure your hair and jet black closure are combed and tangle-free. Then, make a single part right down the middle of your head. Make a braid on each side of the part.

You should now have two braids on each side of your head. Wrap the first braid around your head in a

circle, forming the first layer of your braid crown. Use bobby pins or clips to hold it in place. Repeat this with the other braid, and only layer it on top of the first.

That is all you have to do, and you have been crowned! This style is sophisticated enough for formal occasions. It can also be combined with a flower, other accents, or pins to make it unique.

Want to explore more fabulous styles that work well with your jet black virgin hair bundles?

There is no better way than to walk through a showroom dedicated to hair bundles and wigs. Sadly, they’re not as easy to find as banks that seem to be on every corner. I found Private Label, which has local locations and a neat website. You should check them out for more styling inspiration.