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Men want these qualities in their summer clothing: comfort, versatility, and breathability. Whether you want your summer wardrobe to be all subtle and cool or want to experiment with something new and bold, there are several trends for you to follow. 

You can follow these trendy outfits in your own style to give them a personal touch. Try combining different shirts with shorts and pants to polish your style.

Latest Summer Trends in Men’s Clothing To Follow in 2024

Top Trending Men’s Clothing For Summers

Try different styling tips and techniques to pick the best summer wear.

     1. Denim straight-leg jeans

The classic straight-leg jeans for men won’t be out of fashion ever. The skinny jeans that were in trend a few years ago have come to an end, and loose-fitted jeans are on the rise. Pair them with joggers and a striped tee shirt to slay the look. 

    2. Lenin dress shirts with lightweight blazers

To get the perfect summer office look, select the regular tie with a belt. Plus, wear a breathable shirt of linen material. You can also combine it with a lightweight blazer. Keep the solid color shirt if the blazer is striped. Select the style that suits your inner fashionista critic well. 

    3. Graphic tee shirts

Graphic tee shirts may seem suitable for teens, but if you can style them well, they will light up your personality. They are comfortable and versatile. So, you can wear them with jeans or shorts. Another style is to wear a lightweight jacket or an open button-down shirt over your graphic tee for added style and dimension.

    4. Overshirt jackets 

Men’s clothing is incomplete without listing this one. If you love to layer your clothes, you can do them in the summer too. You can combine a colored jacket with a plain shirt For a complete casual look for everyday wear.

    5. Shorts with half-sleeve or full-sleeve T shirt

Shorts are unavoidable in summer. However, you would not need to kill your style to wear comfortable shorts. Pair the solid or striped shirt with shorts and wear colorful sneakers for a cool summer look. 

    6. Try bold prints and patterns

Try wearing shirts with different prints and patterns for a more playful appearance. The most popular ones are floral and geometrical. Pair them with beige or white chino pants to look trendy and stylish. 

How To Choose The Best Clothes For Men In Summer?

Most of the time, guys have no idea what to wear and struggle with selecting the best clothing designs. So, here are some quick tips to pick your best summer clothes every day.

  • 2. Choose pastel colors: Since pastel colors are trending, why not wear a pastel-colored shirt? It looks aesthetic as well. Light color shades repel heat and keep you cool the entire summer day.
  • 3. Keep the fitting loose: It is entirely up to you to pick the suitable fitting for your dresses. But, in the summer, people always select loose-fitted garments for maximum breathability. 
  • 4. Invest in versatile clothes: Buy clothes that are so versatile that you can mix and match them according to your needs. For example, polo shirts, casual button-downs, and chinos are perfect for both day and night or casual and semi-formal settings.


Picking the best menswear for summer can be tricky when you have loads of options. So, you have to set some essential rules to buy the perfect outfit for yourself. For example, select a comfortable, airy fabric and light colors and keep them loose-fitted. Mix and match items to carve your style.