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Businesses across a wide range of industries are striving to sustain sales in the current economic climate – but none are struggling more than the companies selling non-essential products.

Soaring fuel costs have seen the price of gas and food rise in countries around the world over the last twelve months. In the UK, inflation hit a 40-year high in 2022 with no sign of it falling this year. Consumers fighting to stay in the black have cut their non-essential spending to combat the higher price of essentials, with retail and hospitality seeing the biggest hit.

While salon owners are relatively protected by a consistently high demand, a poll of long-term money saving plans revealed that 69% of UK consumers will spend less on hair and beauty this year. If you are a beauty business owner feeling the squeeze, use this guide to help drive salon sales this summer.

How to drive salon sales this summer

Focus on seasonal treatments

While there are some treatments that we invest in year-round, such as regular haircuts, others tend to be seen as seasonal.

Summer skincare

For example, the transition from winter to spring sees us shedding layers in favour of showing some skin, and therefore demand for particular skincare treatments soars throughout summer.

Waxing is an example of this, with many seeking smooth skin for summer – particularly if they are going on holiday or we experience a bout of sunshine and hot temperatures. Many also visit salons to top up their tan, either using the sunbeds or a spray-tan machine. Be sure to use tan accelerators to keep skin hydrated for an even and long-lasting result.

Prioritise pedicures

Another beauty treatment that is in higher demand in spring and summer is the pedicure. Feet kept in boots, trainers, and thick socks all winter usually need some attention to get them sandal-ready.

Try advertising your different pedicure options to increase your salon sales this summer. You could do this in-store with leaflets or online via your website and social media platforms. Incorporate the latest nail trends to demonstrate that you can deliver the latest nail trends straight off the catwalk.

Offer special seasonal packages

A great way to drive consumer spending is by showcasing special offers. This makes treatments better value for money which will help you to retain a loyal client base in the months and years ahead.

You could create a ‘Summer Special Offer’ that includes a combination of waxing, tanning, and pedicure treatments at a reduced price. Alternatively, you could offer a discount on any treatments booked before a certain date to help drive a rush of sales throughout the summer.

Salon owners should also consider seasonal opportunities such as prom nights and weddings. You can put together suitable group packages and offer private use of the salon outside of your usual business hours to get a revenue boost. Simple nail painting and hairstyling will work wonders for young girls headed to prom, while pre-wedding hen packages might include facials and mani-pedis.