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To be engaged is one of the best events in life. It is a joyful and sacred moment that involves an oath to commit to a lifelong partnership. This is traditional for couples ready for marriage.

Considering Bejouled in Glasgow will spice up the romance for the proposal. They offer incredible engagement rings at a reasonable price. Well, you have no other choice but to spend extra to pull off such a rare occasion. 


For Successful Engagement Ring Shopping, Consider These Tips: 

The market has the most stunning engagement rings for you to buy. Yet, choosing which one would leave your partner astonished is the real challenge. Keep on reading to get started! 


1. Find a Reliable Seller 

Anyone can sell you a ring. It will be an expensive item to buy, therefore, be mindful in buying one. 

An engagement ring has sentimental value so you should buy it smartly. The ring must have certifications to verify the stone quality on which most laboratories provide such information. 

The tendency is that ring stones certified by other labs can have lower qualities. Thus, finding the right merchant is necessary to ensure you are getting what values your money. 


2. Double Check Ring Quality 

Not all labelled diamonds are real. So, make sure to compare your choices both in price and quality. It is easy to determine fake ones through certification. 

According to experts, always pick diamonds that are colorless to ensure quality. To mention some include K-colored diamonds which look clean to the naked eye. The price difference is huge between various types of diamonds. One of the reasons is the diamond’s clarity and cut to suit your particular requests. 

Speaking of the diamond’s cut, it is something that clients must never neglect. This should not be cut poorly but with smooth edges to appear stunning when worn. If you are looking for gold Claddagh rings, the specifications must be accurate. Check its purity to verify the gold’s quality, as well.


3. Fits Well With Wedding Band

The wedding band is where the diamonds will be attached. Engagement rings are made of gold, silver, or platinum wedding bands to easily match different stones. 

Rose gold is recently the most popular choice. It has a fresh aura and fits modern ring designs. If you have an ample budget, platinum ring bands are the best alternative. Yet, this metal is vulnerable to scratches so it depends on your lifestyle whether to look for another option. 

Most couples prefer a wedding band covered with precious stones. This may cost higher than rings made of a single diamond but could impress a future bride greatly. 


4. Be Accurate 

Wearing an engagement ring must not compromise comfort. For instance, it is easy to misplace a loose-fitting ring with great value. 

Obtaining the ring size of your partner can be complex. It should be done in secret or with the help of families and friends without getting any hint. 

The first step to measuring engagement rings is to visit a jewelry shop and ask for possible sizes.  Then, you can have ideas and step-by-step get your partner’s ring size. Do not be too obvious and just work things out with someone you trust in your circle of friends. 

Aim to get the exact ring size months before the proposal. 


5. Identify Carat Size 

The carat size has a proportional impact on the ring’s overall cost. Of course, this factor matters to amuse your spouse-to-be. Some couples do not consider carat size for budget purposes. 

Deciding on the carat size depends on your budget and personal liking. The carat count varies in the stone’s color and clarity.  You may consider asking your partner, but this is not necessary, to get the right carat size of engagement ring. Small carat size will save you money so think of diamond weights that best suit your partner. 


6. Choose Ring Shape

Figuring out what your significant other wants in terms of jewelry can help you decide.

There are numerous shapes of engagement rings available in the market. Keep an eye on the ring cut that you think will fit your partner.  

The ring shape may influence the price due to carat sizes. Round cuts, for example, are more expensive than pear-shaped rings. 


7. Negotiate Prices 

Price does not matter when shopping for an engagement ring. Many factors could affect the ring’s cost so better stick to your budget. 

The cost may go higher due to markups. This will occur as engagement rings are sold by different traders. 


Cost of Engagement Rings 

There is no such thing as a fixed budget for buying an engagement ring. It actually depends on style preferences to impress your partner. 

Several factors affect the ring price including the carat size, shape, and other materials used. It is best to set a budget to better pick an engagement ring that signifies loyalty and love.  


Final Remarks 

The best tip to shop for engagement rings is to know your partner very well. Do not decide solely based on fashion, though it is part of the hunting. It is ideal to consult families and friends before looking for an engagement ring. They might be your companions in setting up the proposal from getting the ring size to the most awaited day.  

To summarize, it is not hard to end up with the perfect ring. All it takes is a good budget and friends to help you get through the proposal.