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Do you ever feel that you’re in the endless weekend laundry and folding loop, and wonder what happened to those bright colors you used to see not so long ago?

How can I get my clothes white again?

Like most people, you must have encountered the problem of clothes looking dull and faded after several rounds of weekend laundry and some head scratching whilst questioning yourself ‘’How can I make my dull clothes bright again? White again & colorful again?’’

Well, BIORESTORE might just be the answer to your problems. It can’t solve your weekend chores and vacuuming or cross other items off your to-do list, but it can restore old clothes to new, restore color clothes and bring the brightness back to your wardrobe. Imagine crossing off the to-do list whilst wearing brighter, more vibrant clothes as your weekend routine goes from drab to fab!

How can I make my dull clothes bright again?

It’s not possible you say, it’s another long and time-consuming chore to add to the list, well, what if I told you, it’s as simple and quick as your regularly laundry, BUT it’s a whole new laundry game using a garment restoration detergent called a Re-Tergent. 

oh, so now you’re interested… What’s a Re-Tergent? So, a Re-Tergent is an award winning and patent pending laundry powder that has a restoring and renewing effect on clothing in the washing machine. BIORESTORE from Stockholm, Sweden have developed the worlds 1st laundry Re-Tergent, which has already picked up the plaudits and awards including the H&M Foundation Global Change Award during 2022.

What’s not to love? Well, if you still on the fence, think about your wardrobe, your families favorite clothing items, that by their nature of being favorites get worn the most. Let’s juts pause on that thought – ‘’worn the most’’ so not only do we wear our favorite clothes a lot, they always get more worn out, meaning they looked faded and dull quicker than the rest of our wardrobe. Not only that, but they also start to get those annoying bobbles, and pilling, lint and strange fur balls making the clothing look rough, and well – well worn.

But if well worn, were a norm that we can turn on its head, what if we could launder and wash our clothes back to new, what if we could renew and refresh them? What if we told you that BIORESTORE could do exactly that… well let me tell you that BIORESTORE can do just that!

How can I make my dull clothes bright again?

How do you remove dullness from clothes?

So, let’s jump into it – BIORESTORE Cotton removes those pilling, bobbles, lint, & fur balls from the surface of the clothing, which as if by magic brightens the color of your clothing and gives it a renewed look. But the brilliant thing about it, is it’s not magic, its some pretty smart science that uses sciences superheroes – enzymes to make your clothes look bright again. 

What’s happening with those enzymes? Well, there a pre-programmed tool from nature that works in your laundry machine at very specific settings (we’ll get to that in a second, but 1st). The pre-programmed enzymes, target the pilling and bobbles on your clothing, finding the weak part at the link of the ‘’fuzz ball’’ that attaches it to your sweatshirt or hoodie and carefully removes it from the clothing surface. 

Back to those settings we mentioned, as this is very important! You’ll need a washing machine, and clothing (kind of obvious), but you’ll need some specific elements. 

  1. The clothing should contain at least 70% cotton, meaning anything from 100% to 70% cotton. The other 30% could be any other textile. 
  2. The next important thing is temperature – you’ll need a 40°c / 104°F wash to wake up, activate and keep those enzymes interested in hunting out that pilling and bobbles. 
  3. You’ll need a wash cycle of 2hrs. Its sounds a long time, but this is the time you’ll need to for the enzymes to work their magic and science. Generally, most washing machines have these long cycles, that are labelled as eco wash or cotton wash, and the easiest thing to do is to take a quick look at the settings on the machine. 
  4. Once washed, you have 2 options, you can tumble dry the clothing for its finishing touch, or if you prefer, you can give the clothing a quick rinse wash with a drop of laundry detergent and a regular line dry. Both methods work equally well, and it’s worth checking the care label for any specific info for your clothing.

So, let’s summarise things – as that’s a lot of info – you’ll need: 

– Cotton / Cotton Blended clothing

– a washing machine

– 40°c / 104°F temperature setting

– 2hr wash cycle (Eco or cotton wash)

– a tumble dry or a quick rinse and line dry to finish. 

All clear, any questions – well if you do you can check out the BIORESTORE website where they have handy hints and instructions to take you from old to (re)newed in 1 wash!

How can I make my dull clothes bright again?

So, when it come to the question of ‘’How do you make old clothes look new again?’’

My tip for the weekend to do list, is to add an extra chore – yes you read that right, but this will be a fun one, and it’s not really adding a chore when the results are so fun – so grab a coffee and have a think about those wardrobe favorites that you love but feel a little too worn to wear. Take a look at the care label, looking for cotton / cotton blends and give them a wash with BIORESTORE, as the game changing results will definitely give you a smile and improve the outlook of the weekend. 

OK, you will still have the vacuuming, sweeping, cake baking, random draw of stuff or the Monica cupboard to sort (Let’s be honest – we’ve all got one of those) and clothes folding to fix – BIORESTORE can’t help with that, but now when putting your clothes away, ready for the next wear, they’ll be looking less worn, much brighter, fresher and well renewed. They’ll be no more pilling, bobbles, lint or fur balls, and no more faded colors. Its back to bright and back to (re)newed all in 1 simple, game changing laundry wash making your to do list a little more magic.