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Thai women are extremely popular among Americans. These ladies are a perfect choice for anyone who loves petite figures, but also for guys looking to create a happy home and have a bunch of kids running around.

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Although Thai ladies have certain similarities to American women, you have to remember they belong to a completely different culture. As such, it would be wise to learn a thing or two about them before engaging in conversation.

4 Main Characteristics of Thai Brides

For many guys, Thai women are a dream come true. They are extremely loyal, family-oriented, and, on average, more feminine than American ladies. That being said, here are a few things you can expect when in a relationship with them.

1.    Family-Focus

First and foremost, Thai brides are focused on family. The majority of these ladies were brought up in large households, having numerous siblings. In fact, having two or three kids is perfectly normal in this Asian country.

Because they’re so oriented toward family, the best way to win their heart is through parents. You need to bring your A-game when meeting Mom and Pop, among others because they can veto the marriage. However, if you manage to pull it through, you’ll get a wife who’s willing to do everything it takes to create a harmonious family with you.

2.    Timid and Servile

Thai are a great choice for men who don’t like to argue. These ladies are calm by nature and they tend to respect every husband’s decision. They rarely raise their voice in the public, especially when they’re with unknown people. This is because they don’t want to bring shame or contradict their man.

Keep in mind that this calmness comes with a caveat. Thai expect that their men will lead and make optimal decisions in every situation. If you’re too immature, they might argue for a while but might ultimately ditch you for a more respectable person.

3.    Trustworthy and Loyal

One of the biggest issues Americans have with their ladies is the lack of trust. As the liberal movement grows stronger, both sides are taught that it’s ok to cheat in relationships and that there aren’t any repercussions for lewd behavior.

As Thailand is still a conservative country, the locals are much more loyal and trustworthy. Divorcing your partner, in particular, is a taboo topic, and most girls have just a few boyfriends during their lifetime.

4.    Frugal

People from Thailand are mostly poor with limited life opportunities. Because of that, the locals are much more careful when spending money, avoiding any type of excess. In fact, it’s quite common for them to have family budgets and weigh every purchase.

When you hook up with a girl from Thailand, you’ll notice they employ similar rules in your relationship. While they understand that Americans have much more money, and they like gifts, they won’t take advantage of you once you’re in a relationship. Once you have a family, they will serve as money managers of sorts, ensuring a bright future for the kids.

Best Methods for Capturing Her Heart

Thai ladies who come to the US to work and study are proactively looking for guys to marry. Although they take into consideration your finances as something that can secure stability, they’re much more interested in you as a potential father. In other words, even if you’re not that rich, you can reel in real beauty by playing your cards right.

  1. Forget what you’re taught. When we talk about Thai ladies, we usually think of streetwalkers. Unfortunately, the country has built a really bad reputation for its sex tourism, something they’re struggling to shake off. The problem starts when you bring that mindset into a relationship, which is one of the main reasons for breakups between Americans and Thai. You need to remember that these girls aren’t sex workers, and they aren’t your sex toys. This is especially true for women who have come to the States to study, as they’re a part of the Thai cultural elite. So, make sure to behave like a gentleman during your interactions, and you can set a basis for good rapport.
  2. Act manly. Thai women are attracted to the US guys because they’re physically larger than the locals. That physical appearance usually leaves a strong impression on them, and they’re looking forward to having sex with such a masculine guy. You need to use this emotion to your advantage. Fulfill her fantasies and put up a strong front, even if you’re not dominant by nature. However, be careful not to go overboard. Given there will be a strong size difference between the two of you, being excessively authoritative or aggressive might scare her off.
  3. Learn basic gestures. Like with most international dating, especially when you don’t speak the same language, gestures are seen as something that can break the ice. Americans need to learn respectful greetings and pick up a few tricks before the big date. For example, you might want to learn the “Wai” greeting, where you put your hands together and slightly bow. Men should also remember not to kiss in public; this is considered highly rude in Thailand (even when we’re talking about kissing on the cheek). Showing disrespect is highly humiliating for Thai girls, and it’s one of the things they have the least tolerance for.


Finding and marrying a Thai bride will almost secure you a long and fruitful marriage. These girls offer so much to their husbands and are rarely a burden as long as you keep your part of the bargain. Hopefully, by reading this guide, you’ll be one step closer to hooking up with one of these beauties.


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