Last update on: 12:34 pm September 14, 2023 by fashionabc

The pace of creativity and digital innovation is rapidly increasing in fashion and there is a race among entrepreneurs and fashion brands to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in this fast -paced industry. Making headlines is Space Runners, which has unveiled Ablo: a powerhouse creative and design AI tool that allows users to create their own fashion brand and also co-create with their favourite fashion brands using simple text prompts.

Image Source: Ablo’s Instagram account

This multi-advanced technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to integrate a new level of personalisation and creativity into fashion while driving a transformative shift in the retail experience. In an era defined by innovation and collaboration,  Ablo harnesses the power of AI to enhance the bond between consumers, fashion labels, garment producers, print-on-demand services and digital marketplaces.. fostering opportunities for collaborative co-creation. This not only raises product quality but offers an insight into consumer preferences, which empowers retailers to tailor their offerings accordingly.

What makes Ablo unique? Using the tagline “Transform customers into creators” – the AI powered design tool enables anyone to customize a fashion brand’s products, ushering in an era of collaborative designing. Steering away from conventional fashion design and production, Ablo’s revolutionary approach has impressed fashion brands aspiring to be a cut above by tapping into the art of personalisation and tapping into consumer preferences real-time.